PSC and your Industry


At PSC, we know that your products are important to you. Whether you manufacture textiles, machinery, coal, chemicals, electrical components, or food, PSC is there for you.  We help you protect your products by evaluating your Suppliers. By having safe and dependable suppliers, you can rest assured that your products will be safe.


Here at PSC, we know the potential risks of working as a metal fabricator. Sharp objects during the cutting/folding/punching phases, and high temperatures during the welding phases can lead to costly injuries or citations. By using PSC, we can help reduce those risks and improve safety all around.


Every building is built on a strong foundation. PSC provides protection not only for the foundation, but for the walls and ceilings as well. We evaluate those forming your building to make sure they are who they say they are. These suppliers are very important. Working with large equipment can lead to devastating injuries. Knowing that your construction crew has a safety plan in place gives you peace of mind.


One mistake using chemicals can not only harm humans, but it can harm animals and our environment, too. By evaluating your suppliers through PSC, we can help you decide who is safe and has less risk. Using PSC will reduce the risk of chemical explosions and toxic waste.

Service Companies

As companies look to outsource production to suppliers, the need for safety compliance is as important as ever. To maintain goods and safety within your company, come to PSC to protect all of your suppliers.

No matter what industry you're classified as, safety is very important. PSC is dedicated to enhancing safety within your company and helping you grow your business.