Why Choose
Purchasing Services Co.?

Longest in the Business

Since founded in 1988, Purchasing Services Co. has grown into a global compliance firm. With a background in procurement, we know what the process involves on your end and how to manage suppliers on ours.

Software Designed to Meet Your Needs

Our clients' needs and concerns are always our top priority. We have had Customers state that it seems like our software was designed around what they need to perform their job.

You See the Documents We Collect

You can be confident that the documents you request are actually collected because you can see them for yourself. All requested documents are posted to your Customer Profile for every supplier you have. This information helps internal audits run smoothly.

Humans Are Standing By

At PSC, our Customer Service Experts are standing by to assist you in any way. Whether it's answering your phone call or replying to your email, you'll always have direct contact with someone happy to assist.

Sourcing Assistant to Find Suppliers

PSC's internally designed Sourcing Assistant Feature allows users to find Suppliers from anywhere in the world! Managing a plant half way across the globe? Sourcing Assistant can find suppliers local to that plant, granting you peace of mind!

We Keep You Informed

Throughout the compliance process, we constantly follow-up with Suppliers until they comply. Information is immediately available on the Customer Portal, and you will receive a notice when the information is posted.  If needed, PSC experts are willing to explain or discuss any concerns.

Our System Keeps Your Operation in Compliance

Our system is designed to keep your operation and projects in compliance, even with staff gaps on your end. You can guarantee that as people move around in your company, PSC will keep your suppliers in compliance and your safety record in tact.